This is #4Liters: Installing Lindsey Johnson's System


After taking the #4Liters challenge last year and getting a taste of what it's like to live in water poverty, R.J. Aguiar wanted to see firsthand how those without access to clean water do it everyday.

So he joined us on a trip for the #NavajoWaterProject where he helped us install a water system for Lindsey and Brenda Johnson! 

RJ's mind was BLOWN after seeing for himself the challenges and sacrifices so many people have to make Every. Single. Day. What happens when the water barrels run dry and you don't know when they will be refilled? Watch this moving and super informative video that follows RJ's life changing trip to find out:

RJ is one of 12 YouTube creators taking the #4Liters Challenge this month. Could you live on less than a gallon of water for an entire day? Some people don’t have a choice. Join RJ and other awesome people like you - sign up and try it:


"Oh my goodness! The toilet works!"


When was the last time you were excited to flush the toilet? Maybe never? Something so small, that we often take for granted, is a big deal to families without running water. 

Here's a little clip from our recent water system installation at Lindsey Johnson's house. Lindsey is 87 and struggled to get to the outhouse, especially during the cold winter months. Look how excited her daughter, Brenda, is to tell her mom that she can use the toilet inside! "She'll be so proud."

YOU can help give someone this moment. Make a donation!


Meet the Charleys!


Shirley Charley and her three grandkids live in Thoreau, NM. They're the 5th home we've upgraded with a water cistern, pump and sink system! We sat down with Shirley and her grandson Landon to get to know them better. 

Landon, where are you from originally? I was born right here in Thoreau, NM.

What is your favorite food? Pizza.

Favorite color? Green.

What do you want to do when you grow up? I want to be a police officer!

Where would you like to take a vacation? I want to go to Hawaii.

Do you have a pet? What is their name? We have a dog! His name is hank.

What's your favorite sport? I love volleyball and basketball.


Get inspired by these people sharing the Navajo Water Project all over the US!


Across the country, groups of people - from girl scouts to sailboat captains - have changed lives by sharing the Navajo Water Project and raising funds for American families living without clean water.

Here are just a few of their inspiring stories:

1. Girl Scout Cadette Troop 23030 raised nearly $1000 by distributing blue Hershey's Kisses around their school, collecting donations and spreading the word. Check out the fundraising page they built >>

2. Students from the Indian Community School of Milwaukee tracked their water use for three days and did a series of exercises exploring water in their school and community. Together, they raised $600 for the Baby Lisa project. Check out the letters they sent us about their project >>

3. Sailboat Racers from Team Blue H2O raised $8000 by telling their fans about the Navajo Water Project at summer boat races on the Great Lakes. They're up to it again this year! See a picture of their incredible racing boat >>


Countless Women's Organisations, Rotary Clubs and Bible Study Groups are changing the lives of American families in need of clean, running water.

You can too! We can help you get started with advice, videos, photos and even your own fundraising page. Just shoot us an email: