This is #4Liters: Installing Lindsey Johnson's System


After taking the #4Liters challenge last year and getting a taste of what it's like to live in water poverty, R.J. Aguiar wanted to see firsthand how those without access to clean water do it everyday.

So he joined us on a trip for the #NavajoWaterProject where he helped us install a water system for Lindsey and Brenda Johnson! 

RJ's mind was BLOWN after seeing for himself the challenges and sacrifices so many people have to make Every. Single. Day. What happens when the water barrels run dry and you don't know when they will be refilled? Watch this moving and super informative video that follows RJ's life changing trip to find out:

RJ is one of 12 YouTube creators taking the #4Liters Challenge this month. Could you live on less than a gallon of water for an entire day? Some people don’t have a choice. Join RJ and other awesome people like you - sign up and try it: