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I'm Michelle, and I'm running the LA Marathon on March 15th to raise money for the Navajo Water Project!

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Years ago I watched a documentary called “Good Fortune” that examined the real world impact of international aid. In the film, a multinational NGO constructed a reservoir to irrigate their massive rice paddies in rural Kenya. The reservoir flooded, causing major damage to the region. Many of the locals protested the project, trying to share an understanding of the land that had been passed down for generations. The NGO didn’t listen to the people who used this land as a source of income, food and shelter.

For the first time I understood that a functioning water system is essential for survival. My sensitivity to under-developed communities without basic water to drink, clean themselves, cook (and the list goes on) was heightened. Dirty water carries a myriad of viruses, infections and disease - including feces... I often think of the distance many women walk every day to just get a clean bucket of water when I’m lucky enough to take a hot shower.

When I heard about DIGDEEP from a segment on NPR, I learned that 100% of donations are sent directly to water projects. DIGDEEP works closely with affected communities as their partner. They also work right here in America, with Navajo Americans in New Mexico. Having already decided to run the LA Marathon, I thought why not run for DIGDEEP, to help people who need it most right here at home!

You can help too! Make a donation to support my run. Support people who breathe the same air and live on the same earth with the health and happiness clean water brings. Imagine your own life without it.