Laura King

Laura began practicing yoga in 2002 after an injury left her unable to continue her previous physical regimen. Laura believes that yoga is a practice for everyone and enjoys helping students meet their goals, both mentally and physically. As an individual who has sustained multiple spinal injuries, Laura practices and teaches all of her classes with a special regard for spinal health. She has received extensive training in anatomy and continues these studies regularly with top experts in the field. Laura enjoys teaching several styles, including: hatha, vinyasa flow, yoga for children, yin yoga and restorative. In addition, Laura is the Director of Training and Marketing for TreeYoga and has been a member of the teaching staff for Alpha Omega Teacher Training for the past two years, sharing the practice with future yoga teachers in Texas and Mexico.

When she’s not teaching, Laura enjoys spending time with her husband, Steven, and their daughter, Eleanor.


Brook Cheatham

Brook Cheatham is a mother of 4, wife and avid yogi. Teaching since 2004 gives Brook a wide range and variety of styles she pulls from to make her classes empowering, as well as accessible to all levels. She enjoys taking participants to their edge to help them grow in ways they never imagined possible. You will leave her class inspired, refreshed and totally blissful.  brookcheatham.com


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Sonya Tatro

I started my yoga journey in 2008 while battling with anxiety, depression, and addiction. Yoga has been there for me through miscarriage, divorce, and self loathing. Slowly, I found acceptance and self love for myself on and off the mat. I strive to share my practice with my students to show them that life isn't all unicorns and rainbows. It's how we view these difficult times and the lessons that we choose to learn from them that mold us into the people we are and will be. Yoga has been my tool for survival. It's allowed me to detach from the pain and suffering and move into the light. Slow and steady. One day at a time. Namaste. 


Trina Hall

I don’t sell the secret to a sexier body. I don’t preach world peace.  I try to teach people how to lighten up.  I've taught over 3,000 yoga classes to students ages 8 to 85 and I'm proud to help run The Mat Yoga Studio where I get to teach my training program, Advanced Yoga Studies.  We just launched The Mat 300 so we can now certify teachers at the 500-hour level.

We all get different things from this yoga deal but I’ve found when I’m frustrated or stressed, taking time to just breathe is the fastest way to relax and realize life is what it is.

Yoga won’t solve all your problems and it won’t make you happy all the time. But it can do a lot of pretty incredible stuff and that’s why I teach yoga. 



Kurt Johnsen


At twelve years old, Kurt Johnsen created his first company, and remains committed to innovative entrepreneurship to this day. He has one simple goal of creating healthy, happy humans.

In 2001, Kurt founded the nationally recognized yoga system, American Power Yoga. Through it he has taught tens of thousands of students, and has trained hundreds of APY instructors. Kurt hosted 60 episodes of the nationally televised show Yoga for Life, which has been translated into five languages and televised around the world.

His DVDs, American Power Yoga Strength and Yoga for Life, have been successful and well received in the industry. Kurt’s Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Body Slimming Yoga DVD won “Most Accessible Yoga DVD of 2010” in Fitness Magazine (Feb 2010). His latest project, APY60, is a revolutionary home fitness program, distributed through direct response.

Kurt has over 20 years of training in martial arts and yoga, and is a master (5th degree Black Belt) of the Lightening Fire Mountain System of Tibetan Kung Fu. He also trained in Lama Yoga, Needle in the Cotton (Tibetan Tai Chi), Chi Gong, acupuncture, herbology, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Tai Chi Chuan. Kurt has explored many forms of meditation, including lucid dreaming and out-of-body travel. He has also studied Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, and many forms of Christianity.

In 2012, Kurt was elected to CEO of Simplified Genetics, the country’s premier genetic testing and analysis provider. Aside from his pursuits in business, yoga, and martial arts, Kurt is a father, a husband, and an explorer. Whether he’s diving with sharks in the Blue Hole, hiking Machu Picchu, surfing Costa Rica, or snowboarding the closest snow-covered cap, he is constantly surveying and studying this amazing planet we share. Kurt continues to teach, train, and learn.