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We are very pleased to announce our artist-run fundraiser dinner at DIMES on May 15th.




Darren Bader

Trisha Baga

Monique Mouton

Nicolas Party


Addison Walz

Jesse Wine


Proceeds will go towards clean running water for Navajo families with  the organization DigDeep.

One tax-deductible ticket covers dinner,  drinks, and art objects used throughout the meal. Each place setting will consist of works made and donated by the artists. As the meal flows, your collection grows! You'll leave full of food, fond memories and 8 works of art.

This year, DIMES hosted a fundraiser to rewrite Thanksgiving. Seven Indigenous chefs from across the country prepared a dinner based on traditional recipes, using ingredients harvested from their lands. While preparing the meal, we began to get to know the chefs, and, in conversations during that week and in the months that followed, we began to hear more about the severe water restrictions that plague their home communities. In many instances, families with limited access to running water live off of weekly deliveries, allotting as little as seven gallons a day, with which to drink, cook, clean, and bathe. (The average person in the US uses a hundred!) With our dinner, we hope to raise funds to bring hot and cold clean running water to families on the Navajo Nation.

Dinner will be prepared by NY Chefs Melia Marden, Alissa Wagner, Kiki Kudo and Gerardo Gonzalez. Each course will be served on editioned objects created by each artist.

The evening will be intimate, with thirty-eight guests and dinner served by several of the artists. All proceeds will go toward the construction of the well, get your tickets now.

Thank you for your support.



May 15, 7pm



Dimes 49 Canal Street NY NY 10002 




Includes dinner, drinks and all art objects used throughout the meal.