If there is one person consistently dedicated to her family and community, it's Darlene.  Living with her sister and grandchildren, she's the primary provider for her family. Every morning, she wakes up before the sun rises to get her grandchildren ready for school, then she hops on a school bus herself and delivers hundreds of kids to their morning classes.

Darlene was born and raised on the Navajo Reservation and has dedicated the past 6 years of her life to ensuring that Navajo American families have clean water at home. 

Every morning - after her bus route - Darlene fills up her yellow water truck with 4000 gallons of clean water and heads off to homes within a 70 mile radius of the mission well. Many days, Darlene is only person to visit the Elders on her route in weeks. When she arrives at each of the 250 homes she serves in a month, she brings warmth and love, sharing a part of herself with every single person she serves.

Although she's the "water lady," Darlene goes out of her way to deliver food, lamp oil, firewood, news, and messages to make sure families are living as comfortably as possible. She has rich relationships with the entire community, nearly everyone calls her sister, cousin, or grandma. 

Back at home, Darlene makes sure she has dinner with her grandchildren before tucking them into bed. In her spare time, Darlene enjoys going to church with her sister, listening to gospel music, making jewelry, and texting friends. 

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